Real Life Before and After Photos!

While I’m not one to post a lot of pics of myself, I thought this would provide a little inspiration for those on the fence of jumping into a healthier way of living.  I have the typical deck stacked against me as most of us do:

I’m married with kids, have a very stressful job where I sit on the computer all day and night, my commute is well over an hour each way, I’m a little past my prime at 36 years old, one of my passions is home brewing beer and another passion is BBQ.  You can see where this was leading. I was tired all the time and had ZERO energy.  I half-assed my workouts as they had no real structure or purpose.  Motivation was low to say the least.   I was getting to the point where my XL shirts were not fitting right any more.  I was on the verge of needing larger shirts..WTF!  I made the conscious decision to make a change and put my health first.  I found the Paleo lifestyle and it was essentially love at first bite.  Seriously, tons of delicious Meat, Veggies and Healthy Fats that filled me up yet melt away fat.  I dropped 30 pounds of fat in 90 days.  I’m a believer and if you are looking to shed some weight and get in shape I hope to make a believer out of you as well.  I’ve found for me, life is much more enjoyable when you feel good and you feel good about yourself, both inside and out.  While I think I have a long way to go still for my personal goals, I wanted to share some progress thus far.

Can you tell which photos were Before and After #PaleoLean ?



For some perspective, these pics are about a year or so apart.  I unfortunately didn’t take 30 or 90 day pics along the way as its not some kind of “lose weight quick” program or diet I was doing.  It’s important to note that while I lost 30 pounds in about 90 days, it takes a lot longer to build nice lean muscle definition (if thats what your looking to do).  Building lean muscle mass is a lot harder than losing fat and somewhat of a holy grail and is certainly more of a long term strategy.  You can lose weight fast though.  So if you have extra weight to lose, stop hesitating, check out the book and get started today!

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