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Scavenging a huge Paleo Lunch at Work!

Here’s a good example of modern day Hunter / Gathering!  Eating clean at work is always a challenge.  We have catered cafeteria style lunch and you never know what your going to get.  It’s always good food, but catering to “Special Paleo Diets” is not on the list of things they care about.  Here’s how I scavenged up a solid monster Paleo meal:

  • Huge portion of Shredded Chicken from the stuffed potato bar
  • Metric ton of Sauteed Veggies and Broccoli
  • Made a meal out of the salad bar:  Greens, artichokes, pile of hard boiled eggs, few scoops of BACON and topped it off with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Happy Happy Happy!



Check the Facebook page:  http://facebook.com/paleolean and jump right into your fitness quest:  http://www.amazon.com/Paleo-Lean-Building-no-nonsense-getting/dp/1482764571/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369163280&sr=8-1&keywords=paleo+lean

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Working out on the Road

Here’s all you need to stay fit on the road. Fits nicely in my backpack and you can really burn out your muscles with some good bands. This is what 220 pounds of bands looks like!


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Still not losing weight? EAT MORE!!!

While it may sound counter-intuitive to eat more when you want to lose weight its probably one of the biggest reasons most folks are not getting leaner.  Your body is a master technician at keeping you alive.  Part of its main role in this quest to keep you alive and well is to ensure you have enough fuel for your body to function correctly.  When you don’t eat enough your body simply flips on its self-protection mechanisms (hormones, metabolism, etc) and starts to store fuel as fat.  It also slows down the releasing of fat as fuel which is a double whammy for your aesthetic and fitness oriented goals.  So unless you are already eating clean and eating big theres a really good chance that you are not eating enough to kick your body into its efficient fat burning mode.

To give you an example, here is what I just ate for lunch:  10oz ground beef and ground lean turkey taco meat I made myself, 6 egg whites and 2 whole eggs.  Topped with some delicious guac and a trio of salsas.  This muscle building, fat shredding lunch weighs in at close to 1000 calories and 100 grams of protein.  On workout days, I’m usually looking to be close to 3000 calories.  So 3 meals of this magnitude a day!!!!   Does your daily food intake look remotely like this….or are you falling short?


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Paleo Chicken Curry over Indian Cauliflower


Here is a quick and easy recipe for my Paleo Chicken Curry with Curried Cauliflower:

  • 1-2lb – Diced chicken breast (either raw or leftover grilled chicken or whatever you got)
  • 1-2 Diced Onions
  • 1-2 TBSP Curry Powder
  • 1 TBSP Turmeric
  • 1 TBSP Garam Masala
  • 1 Tsp Cumin
  • 1 Tsp Coriander
  • Few Dashes Hot Sauce
  • Small can of tomato sauce
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk

Saute the Onion in some coconut oil, then add the diced chicken to either cook through or just brown if its already cooked. Add in the rest of the ingredients and spices and simmer for 20 minutes or so. Adjust spices to your taste. I personally just scoop and go…I don’t measure it out.

For the Cauliflower I just steam a bag of frozen cauliflower in the microwave to cook it through. Then sauté it in a hot pan. Add in ~1 TBSP of Turmeric and brown it up.

Thats pretty much it. The main thing is to have these indian spices in your pantry and use them liberally to make dishes like this quick and easy.

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Think you can’t afford to eat healthy? Think again! – Man loses 250lb on the dollar store diet!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be expensive as most people think.  This guy lost 250lb while on a tight budget shopping for his food at the dollar store.  Think about it for a minute.  How much does a bag of chips cost?  About $3 on average.  $3 can get you a pound of chicken or ground beef.  How much is that soda, juice or sports drink you buy by the case?  Say $2 per drink, ditch that sugar garbage, drink water and use that $2 on a pile of fresh broccoli, multiply that by the amount of these drinks you buy each trip ..Cha-Ching!  Box of cereal, $4.  Buy eggs instead.    I could go on and on here, but you get the point.  Eating healthy doesn’t mean going to Whole Foods and buying farm raised, pampered, beer massaged grass-fed organic food.  That stuff, while amazing in quality, will put most of us in the poor house.  People who have made the switch to shopping and eating Paleo Lean style have seen the real difference in food costs = THEY GO DOWN!!  You stop buying little cans, boxes and bags of tiny portions of garbage thats no good for you and your food budget goes all into meats and veggies.  Try it, I dare you!!  http://www.amazon.com/Paleo-Lean-Building-no-nonsense-getting/dp/1482764571/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369163280&sr=8-1&keywords=paleo+lean

Check this guy out.  Lost 250lb by shopping at the .99 cent store.  Awesome.




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Paleo Protein Packed Breakfast – 70 Grams of Protein in one quick meal!

This is one of my favorites for breakfast.  It’s quick, tastes fantastic and absolutely loaded with protein (about 70 grams of protein!!).  Anyone who’s hung around me or read the book knows that I am a huge fan of cooking in bulk, so I always have containers full of lean taco meat, pork chops, chicken breasts, chicken curry, etc sitting in the fridge or freezer.  This is KEY!  This meal takes less than 5 minutes to make.



1. Fry 3 Eggs in a pinch of grass-fed butter

2. While the eggs are frying, heat up 4-10 oz of your taco meat.

3. Sear a couple green onions on the stove flame.  Garnish with cilantro and some hot sauce.  Enjoy Life!

If you are ready to start getting lean and in shape by eating delicious and healthy food, check out my book on amazon: http://amzn.to/15rEVzQ

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JD’s Insanely Delicious Paleo Cilantro Lime Guacamole Recipe

Who doesn’t love guacamole?  It’s rich, creamy, zesty and delicious!  Being mostly made of avocados it is also loaded with healthy goodness such as fiber, potassium, vitamin c, vitamin k, folate and tons of heart healthy fat.

This is just a simple twist on traditional guac to zest it up a bit.  Use it on salads, tacos, with steak or carne asada or just scoop it out of the bowl with your hungry hands :)


  • Salsa
  • Fresh Cilantro
  • Lime
  • Jalapeño
  • Green Onion
  • Avocado



Scoop the avocado(s) into a bowl.  Dice up the jalapeno and onion and add to the bowl.  Add a few scoops of salsa.  Add a few scoops of cilantro leaves (rough chopped).  Juice the lime on top of it all.



Once everything is chopped and added to the bowl using a fork or spoon just mash it all up.  You don’t need to pulverize it, but mash it up to a “smooth, but chunky” consistency as shown below.

That’s it!  It should take about 2 minutes from start to finish.



Join the fitness revolution today:  http://www.amazon.com/Paleo-Lean-Building-no-nonsense-getting/dp/1482764571/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369163280&sr=8-1&keywords=paleo+lean


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Ultimate Paleo Steak Salad with Cilantro Lime Guacamole

This is a fantastic meal any time of day.  It makes a great lunch, dinner or just a big old Paleo snack.  It’s pretty simple to make and definitely will beat the pants off of anything you can get at your local restaurant for sure.



First things first.  You need some meat.  For this salad this will “usually” come from leftovers.  This could be anything from leftover steak that you slice up to BBQ brisket to trip tip to flank steak to left over carne asada.  It’s really up to you and what you have on hand.

Put a huge foundation of mixed salad greens on a plate.  Top it with diced cucumbers and tomatoes.  Pile on about 4-10 oz of your meat of choice.  Top of salsa and a huge dollop of JD’s Ultimate Cilantro Lime Guacamole: http://thepaleobody.com/jds-paleo-cilantro-lime-guacamole-recipe/

Take a photo, post it on http://facebook.com/paleolean and enjoy!

Join the fitness revolution today:  http://www.amazon.com/Paleo-Lean-Building-no-nonsense-getting/dp/1482764571/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369163280&sr=8-1&keywords=paleo+lean


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How hard are you working?

Check out my face in this pic. It’s the face of all out exertion and intensity. Aka HARD WORK! It’s this level of intensity that shocks your central nervous system and causes your body to go into adaptation mode. This is where you get stronger, faster, leaner and meaner! Don’t be afraid to hit it hard (obviously keeping good form during the lift of course).


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Living proof Paleo Lean actually works! Before and After shots!

While I’m not one to post a lot of pics of myself, I thought this would provide a little inspiration for those on the fence of jumping into a healthier way of living.  I have the typical deck stacked against me as most of us do:

I’m married with kids, have a very stressful job where I sit on the computer all day and night, my commute is well over an hour each way, I’m a little past my prime at 36 years old, one of my passions is home brewing beer and another passion is BBQ.  You can see where this was leading. I was tired all the time and had ZERO energy.  I half-assed my workouts as they had no real structure or purpose.  Motivation was low to say the least.   I was getting to the point where my XL shirts were not fitting right any more.  I was on the verge of needing larger shirts..WTF!  I made the conscious decision to make a change and put my health first.  I found the Paleo lifestyle and it was essentially love at first bite.  Seriously, tons of delicious Meat, Veggies and Healthy Fats that filled me up yet melt away fat.  I dropped 30 pounds of fat in 90 days.  I’m a believer and if you are looking to shed some weight and get in shape I hope to make a believer out of you as well.  I’ve found for me, life is much more enjoyable when you feel good and you feel good about yourself, both inside and out.  While I think I have a long way to go still for my personal goals, I wanted to share some progress thus far.

Can you tell which photos were Before and After #PaleoLean ?



For some perspective, these pics are about a year or so apart.  I unfortunately didn’t take 30 or 90 day pics along the way as its not some kind of “lose weight quick” program or diet I was doing.  It’s important to note that while I lost 30 pounds in about 90 days, it takes a lot longer to build nice lean muscle definition (if thats what your looking to do).  Building lean muscle mass is somewhat of a holy grail and is certainly more of a long term strategy.  You can lose weight fast though.  So if you have extra weight to lose, stop hesitating, check out the book and get started today!

Check out the Paleo Lean book on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Paleo-Lean-Building-no-nonsense-getting/dp/1482764571/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1369163280&sr=8-1&keywords=paleo+lean


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You gotta lube your meat!

If you freeze and reheat a lot of meat you have certainly probably experienced a dry “wooden” chicken breast or a “leather chop” before.  The art of reheating meat is a little bit hard to master, but I think I finally have a solution.  Coconut Oil!

It’s ridiculously simple.  Just put a little dab of coconut oil on your meat before you reheat it and it will soak into the meat during the reheat and you’ll end up with a super juicy and delicious piece of meat every time.  For example, here I pulled out a pork chop from the fridge, put a little coconut oil on it and reheated in the microwave for 90 seconds.  Comes out better than they started!!

A note about the coconut oil.  Don’t get the “virgin” coconut oil unless you want it to taste like coconuts.  The virgin stuff smells and tastes like sun tan lotion to me.  I’m not a fan, unless I’m using it in thai or indian food dishes.  The plain old “refined” coconut oil has a higher heat rating and doesn’t have any smell or taste.  It’s perfect to lube up for food!



Here is the pork chop after 90 seconds in the microwave.  You can see it is nice and juicy and glistening deliciously.



Here’s the final meal paired up with a few eggs and some broccoli.


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Healthy Paleo Memorial Day BBQ Chicken Recipe

There is no better holiday than Memorial Day for Paleo cooking.  Most of us think BBQ for Memorial Day weekend and given Paleo’s strong roots in all things Fire and Meat we have a match made in heaven.  Here is a great healthy Paleo BBQ meal that you wouldn’t even realize is “Healthy” or “Paleo”, because its basically just a tried and true delicious BBQ meal.  Your guests won’t be the wiser that you are secretly slipping a healthy meal into their diet :)

Paleo BBQ Chicken Recipe

Paleo BBQ Chicken:

The Day before BBQ Day:

Start with a few pounds of Chicken Legs and Thighs (skin on) from the best source you can get (natural, not pumped up with chemicals and harmones if you can avoid it).

The evening prior to cooking them you should marinate them to infuse them with some flavor and most of all moisture.  Simple wash off the chicken under cold water to get any chicken funk off (you know what I’m talking about).  Trim any large pockets of excess fat if you want.  I’m not a huge fan of chicken fat myself, so I trim them.  Put the chicken along with the marinade in a Ziplock baggie in the fridge overnight to let it work its magic.

Paleo Chicken Marinade:

  • Olive Oil – 1/4 – 1/2 cup
  • Lemon Juice – juice of 1 lemon
  • Balsamic Vinegar – 1/8 cup
  • Crushed Garlic – around 4 cloves
  • Paleo BBQ Rub – a couple tablespoons
  • Salt and Pepper – rough teaspoon

Paleo BBQ Rub:

  • Paprika – 4 TBSP
  • Dry Mustard – 1 TBSP
  • Garlic Powder – 2 Tsp
  • Thyme – 2 Tsp
  • Kosher Salt – 1 TBSP
  • Celery Seed – 2Tsp
  • Ground Coriander – 1 Tsp
  • Cumin – 1 Tsp
  • Cayenne Pepper – 1/2 Tsp

BBQ Day:

Around 4 hours BEFORE you want to eat:  Fire up your grill or smoker, whether it be gas, propane, wood, pellets or charcoal in a manner that will allow you to cook INDIRECTLY at around 225-275 degrees F.  The goal here is to cook the chicken pretty low and slow.

Take your chicken out of the marinate, and let it drip dry for a few minutes on a cooling rack.  Dust them liberally with the Paleo BBQ Rub.  I like to put a pretty solid coat on both sides.

Once your grill or smoker is stable between 225 -275 place the chicken thighs (SKIN DOWN) in the hotter part of the grill (assuming you most likely have a hotter area closer to the flame) and the legs in the cooler area.  It’s more of an art than a science, but basically the thighs take a little longer to cook if you aren’t able to get them in a little hotter area.   Close the lid and leave them alone for a couple hours.  Make sure your bbq pit stays in between 225-275, you don’t want it to get too hot or it will cook the chicken too quickly.  After about 2 hours, check the internal temperature of the legs and the thighs for doneness.  Your shooting for between 170-180 degrees internal temperature.  Depending on your pit, airflow, moisture content of the meat, size and density of the meat, etc, it could take anywhere from 2-4 hours too cook.  Turn everything over and rotate around the last hour or so of cooking.   If you want a little more char on the skin once getting close to done (160 degrees) you can place them directly over the flame for a minute or so, just don’t leave them there or they will cook too much.  Once done, pull them off and serve immediately.

Here you can see I on my pit, I put the thighs on the top rack where its hotter than the bottom rack (flame is on the very left side).

Paleo BBQ Chicken - Top and Bottom Rack


Here’s the chicken after a few  hours of delicious bbq smoke and heat penetration.

Paleo BBQ Chicken - Done


Mmmm…Lookin’ good!

Paleo BBQ Chicken - Memorial Day

Pair the Paleo BBQ Chicken with a fresh Tossed Salad with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar dressing and a big hunk of Watermelon (chilled in the fridge) for a complete healthy and delicious Memorial BBQ Feast (Paleo Style)!

Paleo BBQ Chicken Recipe

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do.


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Time to get Lean Ladies!

Thought I would share a quick shot of Mrs. Laura getting Paleo Lean today!  Doing some simple squats as part of building her Paleo Body!!  This goes to show you:  Squats are not just for guys any longer.  If you want to sculpt and tone up your butt this is the sure fire way to get it done.  You go girl!!



I didn’t get a very good photo, but she goes all the way to the bottom of the squat just below the point where your thigh is breaks below parallel with the ground (aka. Ass-to-Grass).  That way you will hit the whole length of the muscle and get the most out of the exercise.


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BBQ for Breakfast! What??


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Paleo Pork Chops

Here is one of my favorite sources of protein: Pork Chops!

I marinate a whole flat of them (from Costco or Sams Club) in orange juice, worcheshire sauce, pork BBQ rub and a ton of yellow mustard.

After a few hours (or overnite) I dust them with some more rub and grill them just like a steak.  Don’t over cook them.  Freeze leftovers in a ziplock bag or vacuum seal them for quick and easy protein treats. Delish!!



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Paleo Chicken Chili Verde

This is a leaner take on one of my absolute favorites: Paleo Chili Verde. Instead of using a Pork Roast, I used chicken breasts as they are much leaner. Depending on your current goals eating leaner meats may not be that important to you, but either way you can’t go wrong with this dish. It’s easy and it tastes fantastic. I definitely recommend giving this a try. Make a huge pot of it and you have a few meals ready to go throughout the week.



Start with a 2-4 pounds of chicken breast. Cut them into a few strips each to make cooking through easier.

Sear the chicken breast chunks to get some nice tasty brown on them. My crockpot has a 500* sear mode, which makes it even easier. If yours doesn’t then brown the chicken breasts in a skillet and then transfer to the crockpot once browned.



While browning I added a few heaping tablespoons of Chili Powder, Cumin and Carne Asada seasoning.



Added 2-3 diced Onions to the pot.



After its nice and browned I added 3 jars of Green Salsa. I used 3 different brands to mix it up and give it a lot of complexity.




Let cook on high for 2 hours and let simmer on low for another hour or two and you should be able to shred the chicken easily with a spatula. Serve with lime and fresh cilantro. Muy Bueno!!


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Lose weight by eating Steak, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Salad and a Glass of Wine! WTF?



As far as healthy eating goes, it doesn’t get better than this.  A massive grilled grass-fed Ribeye steak served with some sweet potatoes, grilled summer squash and a nice salad with rice wine vinegar dressing.  Pair the meal with a nice red wine and you have a perfect “Paleo Approved” meal that will help you continue to stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals.  Crazy right!



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How bad do you want it? (Fish for breakfast bad!)

How bad do you want to lose weight, get in shape and get lean?  Bad enough to eat fish and eggs in the morning??  If not, I’m afraid you need to take another look in the mirror and get a little more serious with yourself about your goals.  Eating healthy doesn’t come for free.  You have to put a little energy and effort into it if you really want to see change.  Now, I’m not saying you have to eat fish in the morning by any means, but the point is you need to have the discipline to eat healthy foods every day and also to make it a point to have them readily available to eat (i.e. grocery shop, cook ahead, etc).   If you can start to convince yourself that you are “feeding” your bodies needs instead of “eating” because you are hungry and want something that will satisfy your taste buds you will be on the fasttrack to success.  There’s a huge mental difference and commitment level required by YOU!   So..again..I ask…How bad do you want it?



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Protein Fest!!

Sometimes you just need a massive dose of protein to start the day!

2 cups of ground pork chorizo

Scrambled in 6 egg whites

Top with Salsa and get medieval on it!


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The Paleo Margarita – Just in time for Cinco de Mayo!!

You can’t go wrong with the Paleo friendly margarita.  It’s super tasty and not as bad for you as the typical sugar filled version.  If your going to do it, do it right! Check out the video below to learn how to make the awesome Paleo Friendly Margarita.


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Cinco de Mayo Breakfast Paleo Style

This was a quick and easy massive protein packed breakfast with a Mexican flare.

- Scrambled 5 Egg Whites + 1 Whole Egg

- About 10 oz of ground pork chorizo from the butcher

- Roasted some brussel sprouts in walnut oil and a few shakes of steak seasoning and carne asada seasoning.

That will be sure to set your day off right!  Especially if you are planning to “get your cinco de mayo on!”


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8 eggs, turkey and pepperoni power breakfast!


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You have to eat big!

One thing that comes up just about every time I have the conversation around losing weight with someone is the whole concept of how much food to eat.  Most people are brainwashed into believing that losing weight is purely about calorie restriction and have a skewed view of what that even means.  It’s safe to say that a common vision of a typical “weight loss diet” should look like is a few very small meals made up of lettuce, some sprouts, maybe a grapefruit for breakfast, a tiny portion of tuna fish or a bland chicken breast, more lettuce, etc.  Or they have the other vision of diet shakes and low-fat boxed and frozen meals which is probably even worse than the folks that are eating like a bird.

Here’s the deal:  If you want to lose weight and get into shape….YOU NEED TO EAT BIG!!  Your body needs food and it needs a lot of it.  Right up there with oxygen and water its one of the most important ingredients to your existence.  When you don’t eat enough you don’t have enough energy and nutrients to allow your body to run optimally.  You start losing energy and your body turns to other sources for fuel.  One of which is your muscles.  Losing your hard earned strength and muscle tissue is a horrible thought right.  Your hormones and metabolism also compensate for the lack of incoming food and start holding what resources they have in the body hostage (i.e. YOUR BELLY FAT!)

So now you are starving to death, your are out of energy, your tired and feel like crap, your hormones and metabolism are working against you and you are probably getting fatter (even if you are losing a couple pounds of scale weights its probably more muscle that you are losing than fat).  Not a good situation.

What you need to do is EAT MORE!  Obviously you need to eat the right foods, so that eating more is beneficial instead of what got you fat in the first place.  Eating a healthy Paleo style diet is a great way to turn this situation around.  Loading up your plate (several times a day) with meats, protein, vegetables, fruits, some nuts and healthy fats is what it takes to send your body into hyperdrive on fat loss.  It sounds counterintuitive, but it works.  I’ve been through it.   So ditch the lettuce and low-fat dressing and start eating big!

Here’s a few pics of what I ate to lose 30 pounds of fat and what your meals should look like:


Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs



updated pics higher quality3009

BBQ Chicken, Salad and Watermelon



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